Gillian W - Treasurer

What do you do for fun?/Hobbies and interests?

Reading books about people killing each another (war literature/non-fiction, detective fiction)

How did you get involved in the WI?

I saw a poster for a new WI starting and because, being married, I don't any longer need a social life which includes men I thought I would join up.


Why did you join the committee?

Because I always end up on the committee - I am fated to go through life being on committees.


What is your favourite thing about the WI?

Being able to enjoy my crazy fellow members rather than having to try and keep order amongst the lunatics (see question about what I do)


What is your worst habit?

Daydreaming when I should be appreciating the here and now.


Who would you most like to meet and why?

I would like to meet my (now deceased) grandparents again, to talk to them now that I am an adult.


What is your craft? 

I am a confirmed craft refusenik (feel free to take this as a challenge, crafty people!)


What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

Eating a bar of Fry's peppermint cream in front of Location, Location, Location.


What are your committee responsibilities? 

I am the Treasurer (I look after the money so that means I don't get asked to do anything else - this is the kind of thing I have learnt from experience at being on committees...)


What do you do? 

 I am an administrator in an academic department at the University of Cambridge.


What is your poison? 

Gin, gin, gin, there is ONLY gin.