Harri W - Awesome NEW Committee Member

What do you do for fun?/Hobbies and interests?

World domination... No really; slippers, a blazing fire, tea, film/book and I’m a happy bunny. Although I might consider taking my book on a picnic if it’s really nice outside.


How did you get involved in the WI?

I’d been considering going along to meet new and interesting people and then I found out Lisa (when we worked together before she went and abandoned me!) was already a member and I just had to join.


Why did you join the committee?

Mainly as an excuse to spend more time with the amazing people in charge of our WI and to offer help where I can.


What is your favourite thing about the WI?

The mix of people and personalities and how welcoming everyone is.


What is your worst habit?

Not finish…


Who would you most like to meet and why?

Professor Brian Cox. I barely understand a sentence that comes out that man’s mouth but he is awe inspiring.


What is your craft? 

Sewing, I like to make curtains and other useful things.


What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

Banoffee Pie. If it has fruit in it it’s good for me, right?


What do you do? 

I’m a team leader at an exam board running the Enquiries about Results team. Busy, busy!


What is your poison?

GIN! Oh how I miss that junipery goodness… or a proper brew, decaf just isn’t the same.