Member of the Month - September 2017

Karina Q

What made you join Cam City WI?

There were a few members who I was friends with in another WI group and the deal clinched with the awesome first meeting I attended (everyone remembers their first 😉) on patchwork & making a DIY pin cushion. 

Who inspires you and why?


I am constantly inspired by women who I personally know and see regularly. And also by more famous people. However, to narrow it down...My mum & Frida Kalho both inspire me for the same reasons; they always follow their heart, bend the rules and could both be considered slightly mad!

What's your philosophy?

Depends on the day! My favourite thing to say to remain positive is 'it's better than a kick in the teeth' not that I condone violence or have ever been kicked in the teeth!

What are your Secret Skills / Guilty Pleasures / Poison?

​Skills - ability to continuously talk and talk and, well you get the idea!

Guilty Pleasure - licking the flavour off of crisps and;

My Poison: Prosecco, cheese, houmous...any savoury food in general!!

If you had a million pounds, what would you do with it?


Pay a financial adviser, so I didn't just spend it all buying endless charity shop bargains. I'd also do all the boring stuff like pay off debts and then go travel and make you all envious with my frequent posts from around the globe! 

What's on your bucket list?

1. Watch my family grow up to be old & happy!
2. Go to Burning man festival/Glastonbury as a family!
3. Travel more!

Plus my Desert island items... these would be...
1. Pepper (on everything!!)

2. Eyeliner

3. Dr Organic tea tree deodorant (I'm addicted, love sniffing myself with it on!!) 

What would your ideal day entail?

Simple; good food, good company and squeezing in a little trip to a modern/contemporary art gallery!