CAKE Beer! 

The Calverley's Brewery | Cam City WI Collaboration

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CAKE Beer is a new craft beer creation with 10% of proceeds supporting Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre
Made by Calverley’s Brewery in collaboration with Cam City WI

Local brewer’s Sam & Tom Calverley have created a new beer - CAKE Beer - a 6.9% abv Porter made using quality cocoa nibs and quite literally containing cake!  

Tom Calverley said: "There was a beer, it went into a cake, then that cake went into a beer and so the story of CAKE Beer begins!"

The beer’s recipe is flavoured with chocolate cake made by Cam City WI members who used Calverley’s own craft beer in the cake recipe!  CAKE beer was inspired by Cam City WI, and their support and education of women; plus the growing number of women choosing to enjoy drinking more real ale in the city.  

CAKE Beer is now on sale to help raise funds for an important local charity, Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

Sam Calverley said: "It has been great to see the enthusiasm from the WI on this awesome collaboration, the result is a delicious beer that is raising money for a good cause, it has been a great opportunity to give something back to the community."

Cam City WI Member, Melanie Reed said: “We can’t deny it, Cam City WI members tend to love cake and a good number of us ladies love a good beer too! The idea for CAKE Beer came when we heard about an ‘Earl Grey Tea’ Beer being brewed up north in Sheffield by our friends at Seven Hills WI.  So, we thought, what goes best with Tea Beer? CAKE Beer obviously! 

“The Calverley brothers have gotten to know Cam City WI quite well by hosting really fun summer social events to help us fundraise. Their inviting Brewery Tap Bar has given us a sense of how much work and imagination goes into the making of great local beers; and just how much difference there is in the taste of different beers.  Conversations sparked over time about cake flavours – chocolate being a firm favourite and we took the name ‘CAKE Beer’ straight to Tom & Sam and they were, pretty much immediately, into the idea of developing it as their new Porter recipe and collaborating with us to make it! 

“As part of the beer making process we took some of the Calverley’s delicious dark ‘Alt Bier’ and baked it into a rich dark chocolate cake; that cake was delivered to the brewery to be added to the beer mash to make CAKE Beer!  We can’t wait to bake more cakes with our own CAKE Beer and to be able to deliver 10% of its proceeds to our charity of the year, Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.  

“Now, we can have our cake and DRINK it!”