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February 2017: Murder Mystery!

Members took to Murder Mystery Sleuthing with a bit of AmDram aplomb this month! A murder at ‘Heathcliff Manor’ resulted in 11 teams of three listening, questioning and raising suspicion between one another! Great characters like ‘Blanche Batters’, ‘Em Fatale’ and ‘Doctor Fumbles’ were acted out, with copious note taking and question rounds, but we never find out what happened to the ‘Maltese Meerkat’? 

We also failed to solve the mystery! Dun-dun-DAHHH! No correct accusations were made!  ‘Sierra Tango’ got off scot free – probably because Blanche Batters was deft at distracting us with ‘shiny things’.

Members can also be proud to have raised lots of money this month by buying tickets for our new CRAFFLE!  Being the crafty bunch we are, a lot of us ‘de-stashed’ a little loveliness (yarn, fabric, kits, and the Ryan Gosling Colouring Book!) as donations and the lucky winners (loads of them, but mainly Margot’s Mumma!) took home some new stash to play with.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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