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January 2018: All About Alpacas

Our first meeting for 2018 gave us the opportunity to catch up on each other’s Christmas and New Year celebrations and to take part in a re-gifting raffle.  

Our speaker was the lovely Nicki Sly from Bramble Lodge Alpacas.  She gave a very informative and personal account of her family’s life starting out on a small holding which is now a very big holding.

Her passion for Alpaca’s was infectious and a good few members left thinking 'why don’t I have an Alpaca?' :) 

Fun Alpaca wisdom imparted:

  • Alpacas are NOT Llamas and they don’t spit at humans.

  • They make funny noises when they want to breed.

  • There are two types of Alpaca - the Huacaya which has sheep-like woolliness and the Suri that has long spiral locks.

  • If you want to buy Alpaca yarn make sure you understand what you are buying; cheaper options are unlikely to be pure.

  • Alpaca’s are shorn annually.

  • They make great sheep dogs.


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