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March 2017: Breast Cancer Awareness - Let's Talk Boobs! 
(In celebration of International Women's Day this month)

Our March Meeting was quite a ‘handful’ with members getting to grips with the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ we all need to keep checking our breasts.  In celebration of International Women’s Day this month we are tackling breast cancer awareness.

We welcomed along a very special speaker – a ‘Boobette’ called Kerry, from the awareness-raising charity Coppafeel. 

We listened to her own story, her experience in finding a lump, through to diagnosis and treatment.  Kerry, along with an impressive group of celebrity patrons, are on a mission to ensure EVERYONE is checking their boobs at least once a month.  1 in every 8 women are likely to affected by breast cancer and 400 men are also diagnosed every year! We are ALL susceptible and the signs and symptoms are many and varied – Kerry was extremely informative and engaging and our members had a lot of questions answered (with Mammogram sound effects provided by Bron!).

We all now know more about what to look out for, and yes, some of us very much enjoyed being a ‘big boob’ for a portion of the evening! 

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