Tips for Submitting a Good Resolution

Collated by Ruth T, Member of Cam City WI

Short listing criteria 

  • Topical - it fits with current areas of public interest or the NFWI’s work priorities. 

  • Timely - it is not ‘yesterday’s news’. 

  • Targeted - the resolution has a clear and realistic objective. 

  • Achievable - the resolution is calling for something meaningful and sensible that can be achieved. 

  • Partnership potential - the NFWI’s work will add value to the work of other organisations. 

  • Accurate - it reflects the current situation and does not use outdated or obsolete information as its basis. 

  • PR potential - there is a potential to gain positive media coverage for the WI that could lead to an increase in membership, perhaps by challenging rather than reinforcing media and public stereotypes about the organisation. 

  • Appropriate – it fits with the WI’s charitable objects, our history and ethos.

  • Have you left plenty of time? The best ideas take time to research and develop, bear this in mind as you get started. You don’t need to wait for the submission form to arrive each July to start thinking about your resolution! 

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