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December 2016: Christmas Curry & Games Night 

Our December Meeting, the last of 2016, was a festive friendly foody affair!  

We treated our members to a Christmas Curry & Games Night!  In our usual St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church venue we took over the Café and the kitchen to prepare and serve the fresh homemade Chicken and Chickpea Curries with Rice, Pitta and Salad (plus yoghurt for the spice wimps among us!).

It was a very social laid back gathering and a chance for many members to muck in as a group or sit back to just enjoy a delicious meal and time with friends.

Our taste buds really were given a treat by the fabulous cook, Arvind, who took on the hard work for us.  Thank you Arvind!


We spent an enjoyable meeting playing board games, crafting and properly catching up.  Pres Lisa and many of us also got snuggle time with honorary baby member, Quinn.  


We can’t wait for 2017 and more of the mixing up of meetings! See you in the New Year! 2017!

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