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February 2018: Recycling

If there’s one thing we at the WI are firm on, it’s putting things in bins! (Yes, that’s a nod to the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, but more on that later.) But which bin?

This month we asked Jon Crisp from Amey to come and tell us all about the state of recycling in our area.

There was some great news – Cambridgeshire already recycles 56% of all our household waste! – but also some really sobering statistics; even if the UK hits EU recycling targets by 2020, it would still mean we were throwing 7.5 MILLION plastic bottles into landfill EVERY DAY.

The rules on what can and can’t be recycled have changed over the years, and this session was a real eye-opener into what we should be putting in our green and blue bins. And did you know you can get FREE soil improver (compost) from Amey’s Waterbeach site? And they even have a visitor centre where you can bring the kids to learn all about recycling? We had no idea waste disposal could be so exciting!

In the first few months of the year we all want to clear out some things taking up house space, so for this meeting we decided to run a 'Swish'! 28 pre-loved and in good condition clothing items were 'swapped' and found new loving homes! A small surplus was taken by our fantastic member, Jenny A, to the British Heart Foundation charity shop.

With that, we've had a fantastic start to February’s 'Show the Love' campaign for action on climate change, and a great lead-up to the Great British Spring Clean, part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, happening March 2-4 2018.


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