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January 2017: Self-Defence

Our first meeting of 2017 was jam packed and really impressively attended considering the number of our members struck with lurgy and our prediction of early January ‘not leaving the house-ness’.

This month we were introduced to self-defence techniques, with an emphasis on the art of ‘Wing-Chun’ a martial art orientated towards women.  We welcomed Col from Cambridge Kung Fu to show us and explain to us a variety of scenarios and ways of thinking about ‘you in your environment and about those around you’ and how we can and should react in the face of perceived threat.


Members really got hands on and vocal whilst practicing new moves with each other.  We hope that we have at least perfected the shout ‘STOP!!’  


Many more resources and demonstrative videos are available at

January is also the month for membership renewals and voting on a shortlist of potential resolutions which will be taken to the NFWI AGM in June 2017.  We made some time to discuss the shortlist and members were able to vote or they can vote online after taking some more time to consider the proposals.

We also had our first Skills Share raffle!  The prizes ranged from a day of ‘Life Laundry’ with Margot, ‘Fix Your Knitting’ with Jenny, ‘Make a Sock Monkey’ with Helen AND the secret recipe for Karina’s ‘Banana Choc Bread’.  All prizes encourage our members to share and get to know others so we hope to do many more raffles in the future to raise money for our Charity of the year – Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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