A message from our President - Melanie Reed

Hello! and a super welcome to Cam City WI! 


I'll say, right off the bat, that this website just scratches the surface of our awesome WI.  I highly recommend you come along to one of our monthly meetings and join the fun in person!

I became President in April 2019, but I had already been on the Committee for three years before that. I really do love being committed to delivering my part of the 'behind the scenes' action of our WI - with communications, social media and the website all being my 'babies' - aside from standing up in front of our lovely members each month.  

It takes a good deal of motivation and a great set of committee members to keep our WI going, keeping our ideas fresh and our ears open to the membership.  

I joined Cam City WI in 2014, and I've loved every second. This is especially because of the opportunities it has brought me and the friendships I've developed. Wanna know more about me? I was Member of the Month some time ago - have a squizz at what i get up to ;)  I will admit, I am one of the loud ones, but I am not one to worry 'too' much if I don't end up being your 'cup of tea' - the beauty of our WI is the mix of personalities you will find and how welcoming we will all be.

Meeting new people, finding out new things, developing new skills and being in a supportive network are the real benefits of joining our WI (or the WI in general!).  We have really close links to our other city centre WI's - the Cambridge Blue Belles and Ladybirds - it's highly likely you will find even more friends through our joint activities.  You can even become 'dual members' with multiple WI's.

If you take a look at our 'What We Did' pages, you will get a great sense of the range of things we get up to! Some of my favourites have been our special events like the Glass Etching workshops, Tea & Tents, the Brancaster Weekenders, our Astronomy Night and developing a charity CAKE Beer with Calverley's Brewery! Plus our 'Club du Fromage' Silent Disco, the Mocktail Baking session and the 'Meet the Lady Plumber' talk!  

Our current committee is working on a rolling year programme of excellent monthly meetings - make sure you take a peek once in a while to see what's coming up!


And, guess what!? the monthly meetings aren't the only things we do! If you like a club, we could have one for you - Book Club, Craft Club, Film Club and Walking Club! These are regular meet-ups and basically do exactly what they say on the tin! 

Is there anything more I can say to tempt you to come along?! Oh yes! (the staple of the WI)... if you LOVE cake, you will love our meetings ;)

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Later gators
Love Mel x