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July 2017: A Woman's Lot in the 17th Century


Members welcomed Norah Gardner, a local speaker who gave us an account of the lives of women in the 17th Century!  


Safe to say many of us are feeling lucky not to have lived in that day and age.  Norah showed us illustrative work which indicated several practices that would see women treated extremely badly.  

Women were described as 'Leaky vessels' and considered 'not finished off' in terms of anatomy! There was lots of detail about family unit structure and expectations for women, some quite shocking and super illogical for our now more progressive society.

What a destiny for some! Marry an old man so he can live longer! Then if you gab too much, be subjected to wearing a scolding mask! Been sexed up by hubby? It's a chastity belt next for you as you'll obviously be wanting to 'jump' every Tom, Dick and Harry! Oh and Hubby can sell you on at market!


Some family portraits in the 17th Century included the baby skulls of the kids who've not made it, plus dubious pointing out of the next likely child to be headed to heaven in the near future.  Interesting and made a few of us head to the history books!


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