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October 2016: Home Remedies 

Members had a great chuckle through this lively and humorous talk entitled 'Chicken Soup' by Martin Blake.  A archaeologist / physicist with a cynical take on many a health related matter, medicine, alternative, homeopathic and home remedy!

'A whistle stop consideration of the scientific merit of alternative medicine, discussing the validity of home and alternative remedies from the perspective of an amused sceptic'... a funny one at that!

If we've learnt some things - they could be that we should never touch a magazine in the doctor's office, consulting Dr Google may not be the best idea either and we probably feel better with a good chicken soup with a half bottle of white wine in it!    

October 2016 also marks Cam City WI's 4th Birthday! Woo-hoo! Massive thanks to all that came along and enjoyed the lovely Birthday Cake baked by our own Cake Fairy Sharron!

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