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October 2017: Women at War: Life on the Home Front


This month was BIRTHDAY MONTH! CAM CITY WI turned FIVE and we all got to eat a lot of beautiful BUNDT cake lovingly created by our newest committee member Harri! Awesome baker! Awesome Bundt! 

We welcomed Kindra Jones to give us a talk this month - Women at War: Life Beyond the Home Front - and she introduced the forces of the second world war and the roles women played in these. 

Using her extensive collection of original uniforms to help explore each one, she drew on her own experience of wearing the uniforms, as well as information she gained from talking to women who served during the war themselves. 

From flying aeroplanes to helping crack enigma, we learned about these extraordinary women and their contributions to the war effort.


Kindra works as a historical interpreter and her historical costume collection spans from the Bronze Age to the 1940s, including high quality reproductions as well as some original pieces. 


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