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October 2018: Ghost Stories

For our October meeting, Robert Lloyd Parry from the Nunkie Theatre company read us a classic M.R. James ghost story, “The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral”.  Robert had us turn all of the lights off in the chapel so the only light was from outside and from his podium, casting eerie shadows all about the carvings of the room as he told the tale of likewise eerie carvings and malevolent spirits harassing Archdeacons of the cathedral in the story.

Robert lead us into the curious story with details of hallucinations. Through his great level of descriptive language and dramatic pauses, we got to experience what it might be like to feel haunted by a presence of something or someone unearthly.

We all listened with rapt attention as the story unfolded, very appreciative of Robert's delightful characterisations of James' narrative.

Robert tours his performances of this and other M.R. James works as part of his M.R. James Project, more information about which can be found here:

Members found it 'Interestingly eerie!' 

Many thanks to Kim C and Karina Q for contributing this month's meeting write up.



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