Member of the Month - July 2018

Katherine H

What made you join Cam City WI? 
I joined Cam City WI because even though I had been living in the Cambridge area for a while I hadn’t had the opportunity to make many friends outwith my work.

Who inspires you and why? 
I have some close friends who inspire me as they manage to work towards their goals and achieve new and interesting things.

What's your philosophy in life? 
Comfort zones are great but in order to live your life you have to get used to leaving them on occasion. (I find this is very hard to live by but I am trying…)

Secret skills? 
My knowledge of marvel comics.

Guilty pleasures? 
Chocolate.  I eat a lot of it.

What's your poison? 
Whisky! But I won’t say no to wine or a G&T

What would you do with a million? 
This is going to sound a bit boring but I would pay off the mortgage, put most of the rest in savings and go travelling.


What are you top three bucket items? 

  1. Visit Japan

  2. Travel round the old medieval cities of Italy

  3. Have the opportunity to dig on a viking site in Scandinavia

What would be the perfect day for you?
I have two of these but they both end the same:


Waking up and going to a local cafe or market for breakfast, wandering around museums and art galleries during the day then going to a good restaurant or pub for tea and several beverages with friends.


Spending the day walking across the countryside, preferably back home in Scotland, stopping by the odd archaeological site, with a flask and packed lunch then going to a good pub for tea and several beverages with friends.