Member of the Month - September 2018

Gillian W

What made you join Cam City WI?  
I wanted to broaden my social circle and have something fun to do which would be a change from work.  Having said which, two of my colleagues are also members of Cam City!

Who inspires you and why?  
I have recently found out a lot about my great grandmother who brought up three small children on her own while my great grandfather was overseas with the Army in the First World War.  We have some of the letters she wrote to him about life at home in 1916 through to 1920 when he was finally demobbed.  She had to battle with a small income, her own poor health, and loneliness as she missed her husband dreadfully, and her own parents and parents in law weren't very helpful or supportive.  Reading her letters you realise how much easier it is for women and mothers now owing to advances in technology (washing machines, disposable nappies, radio and TV.  If I have a bad day I remember how much tougher it was for her and am very grateful!

What's your philosophy in life? 
I am a Christian so my belief in a loving creator God underpins my life as a whole.  But on a more practical level I have come to believe that working smart not hard is the secret to getting satisfaction out of life, but without getting over stressed. It's OK to NOT do stuff!

Secret skills?
I can do all kinds of things with an Excel spreadsheet.

Guilty pleasure?
Reading in bed with a bar of Fry's Peppermint Cream.

What's your poison? 
Gin, Gin and again Gin.  It always has been, even before it got fashionable.

What would you do for a million?  
I'd be willing to do anything silly/ridiculous, but nothing criminal or dangerous.

What would you do with a million?  
Travel everywhere first class.  I don't travel well so being able to fly or get the train in luxury would really be worth it for me.

Top 3 bucket list items

  1. Fly long haul first class (see above!)

  2. Live somewhere abroad for a few years (France perhaps, or the USA)

  3. Write down and record my parents' life stories before their deaths.  Must get on with that last one.

Perfect day? 
I'd be on holiday in the Mediterranean having a relaxing morning pottering around a seaside town.  Then to a place for a boozy lunch overlooking the sea.  After noon on the beach with a swim, then spending the evening watching an old film, or sitting out on the balcony with a good book.  All to be done in the company of my husband David.  (I am not sure my perfect day dream has caught up with the reality of having a small baby on the scene...)

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