Member of the Month - March 2018

Molly H

What made you join Cam City WI?

I used to go to a knitting group in a pub in Cambridge (as you do!) and half the ladies there were also members of Cam City WI. They would often talk about what they were up to and it sounded really interesting. They said I should come along and try it out, so I did and haven’t looked back!

Who inspires you and why?

I find inspiration in most people and it’s not always the big obvious things, it’s the small things that often go unnoticed. I’m inspired by people whom despite hardship, still look for the positives and find ways to better their lives.  

What's your philosophy in life? 

Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself, have balance in everything you do, take one step at a time, stay true to yourself and remember to do things that make you happy.

Secret skills / Guilty Pleasure / what's your poison? 

Secret skills: Well I used to be an Appalachian dancer and even performed live on Blue Peter (I got a badge and everything!)
Guilty Pleasure: Reality tv programs – I know they’re trash but I can’t help watching them!
Poison: Chocolate and anything sugar related.

What would you do with/for a million?  

Erm, that’s a difficult one. I’d certainly buy a house for starters and then I would travel and see as much of the world as I could. Of course, I’d give some to family and friends who need it (I know everybody says that) and would also give to medical research for M.E.

Top three bucket list items? 

1.  Safari in Africa
2.  Paraglide over beautiful scenery
3.  See a blue whale in the wild

What would be the perfect day for you? 

A perfect day would be anything that combines my husband, family, nature, animals and good food, so maybe a boat trip whale watching followed by a nice Italian meal finished off with an amazing salted caramel dessert!